Florida is a state located in the region of the southeast of the United States of America. It is also known as America’s Sunshine State, and it has the third dense population of over 21 million people in among the states in the US. The state is well-known for tourism, as it is the primary source of revenue for the state’s economy, including agriculture and transportation.

Florida’s beaches, lakes, amusement parks, orange crops, winter vegetables, and numerous architectural and culinary legacies make it a popular tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. If you are interested in travelling to Florida, then this article is the right one for you. Read out to find about the best tourist destinations in Florida.


As mentioned earlier, Florida is renowned for its soft, powdery sand beaches with turquoise water. Here are some most popular beautiful beaches in this sunshine state.

Miami Beaches


Miami Beaches are one of the most attractive beaches in Florida that situates in the Southern region. It hosts international events such as food and music festivals, fashion shows, and art exhibitions. Look no further than Miami if you’re looking for a coastal town with a diverse selection of entertaining activities. The old and modern sides of Florida are on display in Miami and neighbouring Miami Beach.

The most exciting of Miami’s beaches is the South Beach, renowned for its Art Deco District and ultra-trendy pedestrian mall that runs parallel to the coast and lined with water-facing outdoor restaurants and entertainment and shopping. Perhaps art is more your style. You can visit this well-known Wynwood Art District, where you can admire street art and dine at a nearby eatery.

Furthermore, Miami has a lot more to show than South Beach’s posh party spectacle. You could easily enjoy Miami’s Cuban culture while dancing the night away in Little Havana, waking up to a mouth-watering breakfast before going in for a swim.

Anna Maria Island

If you want to enjoy the Caribbean-like blue and green waters with your family, then Anna Maria is the best place for you.  This island is a part of the barrier islands chain that runs along Florida’s west coast, just south of Tampa. Anna Maria Island’s south end connects to Longboat Key, which leads to Siesta Key. The closest major city is Bradenton, but you might fly into Tampa International if you travel from afar.

Anna Maria Island is a peaceful little beach town with a laid-back feel. It is the opposite of Miami. If you are looking for beach parties with other entertainment options, Anna Maria is definitely not the place. It is a place where you can spend your day relaxing and enjoying the calm water with few waves and the most stunning blue and green hues.

On the main public beach, Manatee Beach, you can get a simple lunch or ice cream from a small cafe. Another great stop is Coquina Beach, where you can see all the tiny coquinas digging back into the sand. Their shells come in various colours and are entertaining to play with when relaxing in the surf.

Apart from the beaches mentioned above, Florida Keys, Saint Petersburg Beach, and Delray Beach are among the famous top list. Delray, located on the southeast coast of Florida between West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, combines small-town charm with spectacular beach views. Delray has a mix of mainly residential rentals and a few high-end hotels.

At the same time, Saint Petersburg beach is massive with white powdery sand and crystal clear water and full of beach bars and restaurants. It is one of the best beaches, perfect for a family vacation.

If you want to enjoy your vacation having fun in the sun, Florida Keys is ideal for you. With beautiful architecture dating back to when the Spanish discovered Florida, the Keys hold the old Florida charm alive! It is the perfect spot for sipping a margarita or a pina colada while shaded by palm trees.

Amusement Parks

Florida is heaven for theme parks, and it has no offence. Thrill-seekers adore the daredevil rides that get more heart-stopping with each debut, while traditionalists enjoy riding the old models over and over. When young children see life-size replicas of their favourite movie and book characters, their eyes light up. Taking selfies in front of fairytale castles will entertain even honeymooners. Theme parks in Florida attract tourists from all over the world, and keen ears can pick up on the various languages spoken by the park visitors. Those theme parks are in the city of Orlando, the heart of Florida’s tourist industry.

Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort or Disney World is an entertainment complex situated in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista near Orlando in Florida. It has four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom), two water parks, twenty-seven resort hotels, an outdoor shopping centre (Disney Springs) and many more fun places.  

Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando is another famous Florida theme park destination, and it is the second-largest resort after the Walt Disney World. Universal Orlando has two theme parks (Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure), a water theme park (Volcano Bay), a night-time entertainment complex (Universal CityWalk Orlando), and many more other hotels and resorts.

Sea World Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is another entertainment complex consisting of a theme park and marine zoological park located in Orlando, Florida. With the combination of Discovery Cove and Aquatica, SeaWorld Orlando has three parks and several hotels, and it is the tenth most visited amusement park in the United States.

Theme parks are open all year and attract thousands of tourists from all around the world.

Apart from the famous beautiful sandy beaches and fun-filled amusement parks, Florida has national parks, zoos, museums, history and science centres, archaeological parks and many more tourist destinations to explore. Despite the cities, Miami and Orlando, other cities like Naples, Tampa, Fort Meyers, Sanibel Island, Saint Augustine, Pensacola, and Daytona are famous attractive cities among the tourists.

Thoughts From FOLIGOS

The nickname “Sunshine State” is epic as Florida is well known for warm and pleasant weather throughout the year. Even it has mild winters compared to other states in America. So experiencing the natural beauty of Florida with thrilling atmospheres in nice weather is pure bliss for a tourist. Florida is simply heaven with everything that a tourist will look forward to having in his vacation. Hurry! Make Florida your next travel destination and enjoy a quiet sunbath.

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