Places in Florida. There are Hundreds of beautiful countries in the world that are specific for different reasons. The country today I’m going to explore can be brought in as a travel destination for Americans and internationals alike. Are you ready to be knowledgeable about this beautiful country? Well, it is named Florida, and I know for sure that you have already heard about this country. Florida can be introduced as the US State’s southeastern region, one of the largest states in the United States of America. The State is covered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other.

When you hear about Florida, the first things that come to our mind are the Alligators, Sunshine, Theme Parks, Beaches, and Night Life. Well, even though these are just a few, the main and the already-know things, there are so much more places to visit and explore in Florida than these famous tourist attractions and places everybody commonly visits when traveling.

Visiting the secret spots and the hidden gems in Florida accommodate a whole new outlook on what this precious little State has to offer. Visiting these nobody-visits places will make you realize that this earth is the most gifted world in this entire galaxy.

When it comes to choosing, choosing an amazing place in Florida will be like choosing one ship from the ocean. Since Florida is one of the largest States in America, Florida is filled with different landscapes and so much more places to explore. To be honest, you won’t even know unless you search for them. Luckily for you, I have searched some of the best hidden gems in Florida where you can visit instead of touring in the same places. From Old Forts to White Sand Beaches, Tallest Waterfalls, and beautiful gardens, you can plan to visit on your next Florida Gateway.

Top Five Amazing Places In Florida to Visit

  1. Devil’s Den
  2. Ringling Museum
  3. Dry Tortugas
  4. Bok Tower Gardens
  5. Florida Domes

1. Devil’s Den Prehistoric Spring

Devil’s Den is an absolutely stunning location where you can have unique experiences. Devil’s Den is literally a hidden gem in Florida, located in Williston, FL, USA. The place is merely filtered from natural springs nearby and looks like a crystal because of its pure water. The water which comes from the springs keeps it cool all the time. Devil’s Den is mostly visited by divers and snorkelers who wish to explore different and unique environments and underwater beauty.

Devil’s Den is home to thousands of fish and turtles, and you will see that you are surrounded by these species when you are underwater. Yet, the important point is that you cannot enter Devil’s Den without snorkeling or Scuba diving. Thus, if you are ready for this amazing experience, don’t miss out the chance.

2. Ringling Museum (The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art)

This bit of history is also called ‘The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.’ Ringling Museum is the State Art Museum of Florida which was once the estate of John and Mable Ringling. The couple was fascinated by the variety of Art. They have worked on filling the grounds with prodigious works from around the world. They have built beautiful gardens with sculptures and fountains to go along with the estate.

If you have any chance to visit this museum on Mondays, the admissions for all the visitors will be provided free of charge. So, why don’t you go hang around for free and experience a little bit of Art?

3. Dry Tortugas (Island Group in Florida)

Dry Tortugas is a famous and great tourist destination located in Florida, where it combines Florida’s charming and stunning coastlines with a splash of history. The place can be described as a cluster of seven islands in which lies almost seventy miles (113 Kilometers) west of Key West.

The crystal clear water and the ancient and historic fort that stands in the middle of the ocean remind us of a great ancient period where kings and queens ruled the world. This Dry Tortugas also looks like something out of a movie called Pirates of the Caribbean, and I almost assure you that you have heard about this fantastic movie.

The only way to reach this amazing tourist destination is by Ferry or Seaplane. If you are traveling Dry Tortugas on a Ferry, it almost takes two hours to reach the terminal, and once you land on the island, you are almost free to spend four hours in touring in the fort and taking part in the beach activities.

The shallow crystal clear water of Dry Tortugas can be called as the kingdom of Scuba Divers and Snorkelers. Snorkeling in Dry Tortugas is possible for all kinds of ages.

4. Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens is the apotheosis of hidden gems in Florida. This tourist attraction is located in Lake Wales, Central Florida, which provides domesticity for millions of birds. This amazing site was originally a bird sanctuary and a destination for citrus groves and wildflowers. The Azaleas, Camellias, and Magnolias that highlight the Season of Spring showcase the ever-changing work of Art in Bok Tower Gardens.

This tourist destination has provided Florida’s most miraculous experience to over 23 million of visitors since 1929. This amazing piece of Nature offers excellent opportunities for cultural, traditional, artistic, spiritual, and personal enrichment.

The main attraction in this amazing site is the singing tower which can be said as home to daily concerts that showcase the power of sound which resonates from the Tower.

The garden was found by Edward and Marie Bok where it has gradually become the name of the place with time. Over the year, the garden has grown into a perfect spot to relax, and as a bonus, the Tower has been built. Well, this is how the place was named Bok Towers.

5. Florida Domes Cape Romano

Florida Domes are one of the most famous tourist attractions in Florida, located in Cape Romano. This ancient place is a must-see sight in Florida, where it provides a glance into the power of Nature.

This ancient piece now provides shelter for thousands of birds and aquatic beings who live on the Gulf Coast. The years of erosion have nonchalantly engulfed the structure of these domes and have drenched the majority of them. The remains have been taken part of Nature providing accommodation to wild life, evidently proving the fact that nothing is permanent.

This magical hidden gem can only be reached by boat or a ski jet. The area is filled with birds and can also be introduced as a bird watching area. This great destination with a fascinating history is a must-watch place among 10,000 islands.

Thoughts From FOLIGOS

The all best magical places in Florida have something in common. Every piece of Florida highlights a unique perspective of the country, and to be honest, many visitors and travelers do not really experience most of these amazing destinations.

While you firstly think of Disney World or Universal Studios or the Famous Cities in Florida like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, etc., there’s much more to explore than just these places in Florida that making Florida one of the best states to visit in the USA for a vacation filled with risks and unexpected undertaking. The above five places I already told you are just a few of all. I would be glad to talk about the incredible beaches and stunning natural springs, and every other spot that any type of traveler would love to visit.

Well, I’m happy that you got acquainted with a few places in Florida you could spend your leisure time except visiting the where that everybody visiting places in Florida. You can spend forever exploring and traveling places in Florida instead of traveling to a country just to explore cities and five star hotels.

Florida is definitely not a boring place, from unique tourist destinations to highly anticipated theme parks and beaches and the entire natural in between surely places in Florida make you holiday remarkable.

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