You dream of the next vacation, and Sunshine State is at the top of your wish list. But when is the best time to visit Florida? Our simple monthly guide will help you plan the perfect trip.

Your overall experience of Florida will vary depending on the year you choose to visit. Go to the middle of the high season. The beaches, theme parks, and attractions are their busiest and the best. Travel at any other time of the year. You can enjoy lower prices, shorter queues, and smaller crowds.

What is The Best Month?

With the all concerns, the best time to visit Florida is any month between February and May. At this point, you are expecting the coldest months of the year (November to January) and a severe snowstorm (i.e., July and August). Oh, and you will also miss the hurricanes that occurred between June and November (mid-August to mid-October). You can visit during these months:

February: A high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 61 degrees Fahrenheit in Miami. Of course, this temperature will make you warmer in the south and more fabulous than those in the north. The sun usually shines for eight hours a day, and the sea temperature is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit [75 C]. It rains about six days a month, so it is dry and mild.

March: This famous tourist month peaks at 77 degrees Celsius to 64 degrees Celsius. Again, you won’t see much rain, but you will get extra sunshine in February. The number of tourists has increased during this spring break month, which means you will see more people.

April: This beautiful month gives warmer humidity and even less rain (about five days) than its two predecessors. It is a busy tourist month because of Easter Sunday, but you will see the crowds and inflated prices dissipate once it is over.

As for travelers, you should not miss them as this is a shoulder month (a.k.a. that time is between maximum and outside maximum). In the case of Florida, shoulder seasons can found from April to May and from September to November.

May: If you are looking for warmth, soak it with an average of 87 degrees during this low-key month. Another shoulder season is spectacular. You can enjoy there with low prices, lots of hotels to choose from and short lines to attractions.

The best time to visit Florida in spring or fall. Many people expect a plane to go to the sunny beach during the winter school holidays and the spring and Easter holidays. You will experience the best that the government can offer while traveling during these peak hours. Apart from the dramatically reducing the risk of hot weather, low humidity, and hurricanes, you will encounter a slender crowd at amusement parks and more affordable accommodation.

Those heading north of Florida will want to visit in the summer. At this point, the weather is reliably warm, and you will not that exposed to the cold temperatures (or possibly faster) of winter. This is an best time to visit Florida white sand beaches in places like Panama City Beach.

When Should You Not Go to Florida?

As mentioned earlier, the worst time to visit Florida is during the summer. This is usually when the humidity and heat are high. Hotels are also taking advantage of the summer school holidays and raising rates. If you are in Florida, it is recommended to rent a limousine service to get around the city. you can pack the vehicle with luxury features, including climate control, soft drinks, and much more.

Another important thing is that the state has a hurricane season that runs from June to November. During this time, Florida experienced the highest average rainfall in the last decade. Typically strong winds begin to blow from the East Atlantic Ocean to the west. Winds can sometimes evolve into tropical cyclones and then intensify into hurricanes.

Some Like to Warm It Up.

Some people sunbathe in hot and humid weather, but the summer months are not the best time to visit Florida for the rest of us. From April to October, temperatures throughout the state reach highs of the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit. When exposed to heat due to high humidity levels, you run out of water. Go during these months, make sure the hotel has air conditioning, and avoid outdoor activities during the hot afternoon if possible.

The Less-Traveled Road

best time to visit Florida

If the goal is to avoid crowds, focus on maximum time in every area of ​​Florida. Summer months without schools are very crowded in the temperate climates of North Florida and Orlando and other family-friendly areas with theme parks and beaches. Older retirees, who are wintering in Florida, begin arriving as early as November. These people are raising the prices of houses, air travel, and rental cars. Expect these “snowbirds” to stay until spring, when the weather in their homeland improves.

Thar She Blows

Avoid the hurricane season in Florida and reduce your chances of getting caught in an Atlantic or Gulf Coast storm. June to November are The most vulnerable months for hurricanes. If you are going during these months, you will receive lower rates for accommodation and activities. Mark the hurricane clearance routes located along the main corridor in all areas prone to hurricanes. Consider purchasing travel insurance covering actual or threatened storm activity, and ask the hotel and rental car companies about the possibility of cancellation during hurricane watches, alarms, and evacuations.


Rainy Day Blues

The bright sunny sky and pale clouds in the Florida stereotype always show scattered across the horizon, but the truth is that the state has rainy seasons like anywhere else. September is generally considered the rainy month in the Florida Keys and South Florida, while Orlando has the highest average rainfall in June. Depending on what area you are visiting, anticipate these rainy seasons and plan accordingly. The good thing is that the rainy season in Florida lasts for hours at a time, and the sun shines throughout the day.

Thoughts From FOLIGOS

Visiting Florida is a purpose of travel. Experience sunshine a spectacular beaches will be priority. To gain all experiences well better to choose your dates wisely. This guide will help you to choose the best time to visit Florida.

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