Florida is more famous for beaches since there are crystal clear water beaches in Florida. Many tourists visit Florida to visit and relax on this beach sides. Clearwater Beach impresses with its breath-taking beaches and inviting waters. Soft, white sand and the calm water attracts more people since it is the best place for jet-skiing, parasailing and stand up paddleboarding.

In addition to the beach, Clear water Beach also has a small-town atmosphere. You can have an unforgettable beach experience if you visit here. Clearwater Beach attracts great restaurants and family-friendly accommodation, as well as many options at Clearwater Beach, bring a smile to the entire staff. If you love to spend your vacation or the free time with marvellous sunset you can have the best choice in Florida.

Why Clear Beaches in Florida are More Popular Than Others? Answer is Clear Water

Clear Water Beaches in Florida
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The Gulf Coast east of Mississippi has no major rivers discharging sediment, silt, or debris into the sea. This keeps water clean, clear and pure. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has conducted numerous experiments over the past decade, showing conclusive evidence that ocean currents flow south from the Mississippi and beyond the Gulf Coast of Florida.

The obvious question is what the clearest coastline in Florida is?

Key West, Anna Maria Island, Siesta Key and Destin are always at the top of the list. There is a natural reason for this. The clarity of any ocean or seawater affects its sediment flow. The main feature of each of these places is the large bay adjacent to the beach. Dirt filters give each of these special places its own unique presentation.

Further, if you are seeking a white sand beach, Gulf Mexico beaches are the best choice. It also has a calm wave in the sea and a great and safe place to play with young children.

Atlantic beaches are the best place for surfing with golden brown sand. Further, if you love scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing you can visit the Florida Keys. Since there is a number of beaches with clear water you may confuse about the best choice. Let’s have a look at clear water beaches in Florida.

Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach has located close to the city of Destin and many visitors say that this is the most beautiful beach in America.

Any Miramar beach is within walking distance to Pompano Joe, Crab Trap and Surf Hut. It is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit. It was super clean, absolutely no seaweed, and with clear blue water and white soft sand

Key West

Key West is a beach lover’s paradise. This is one of the most fascinating with 1,700 islands. It is also the southernmost city in the continental United States, marked as one of the most popular clear beaches in Florida

The coast of Key West is ideal for swimming and snooker, and fishing has permitted on most beaches. Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, a state park south of Florida, is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy this activity – it’s home to the vast sands and calm waters. If you are looking for a fun but loving escape, we recommend hiring a two-person, glass-bottomed kayak.

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is one of America’s best white sand beaches, and it is 3 miles narrow on the Pinellas Peninsula on the Gulf Coast. Closer to the Clearwater Tampa, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, including beach volleyball, parasailing, a dolphin watching boat, and recreational fishing. Some people named it the most beautiful beach in the world. There is a small town atmosphere beside the beach, and you can visit the clearwater marine aquarium.

Pierce is a Florida beach and Clearwater Beach is no different. Whether it’s a daily festival in the sky or of the same name, held 365 days a year, walk to the end of the famous Pier 60 for the most beautiful sunsets in the province.

Sunnybel  Island

Sunnybel Island, known as one of the best shelling destinations in the world, attracts collectors from all over the world. And thanks to its abundant coastline, which is washed ashore by the Gulf of Mexico.

With a small population of natives, Sunnybel Island offers a fun and relaxing vacation for families and couples with stunning, clear-blue waters and clear white sand beaches.

Captiva Island

Captiva Island is a tropical paradise in the United States north of its aforementioned sister island, Sunnybell. It offers some of the best fishing and fishing boats in Florida.

The blue waters and white sand of the island of Captiva stretch to the horizon. We, therefore, recommend watching the spectacular sunset at the end of Captiva Drive. But before sunset, take a boat ride along the island’s waterways to see the local wildlife, including dolphins, crocodiles, blue herons, and various colourful birds.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach, which situated in a city in eastern Florida, has surrounded by majestic trees, beautiful coastal property, high-end hotels, and extensive resorts.

It is 16 miles long and half a mile wide, the island is a summary of wealth and high spending. In the past, it was the winter home of Vanderbilt, Kennedy, Rockefellers and other millionaires. Of course, the city still has some of Florida’s best hotels, restaurants and shops, as well as beautiful beaches. Adjacent to the Gulf Canal, this coastal town enjoys the benefits of warm blue waters and gentle breezes.

South Beach

Immerse yourself in the stall-blue waters of the South Coast of Miami, an international playground that offers endless nightlife, upscale shopping, luxury shops or unique Art Deco architecture. This man-made beach is perfect for morning walks and sunsets.

As you walk along the world famous beach, go for a beautiful sunrise with blue skies and colorful clouds.

Cocoa Beach

This is the best place for surfing and you can chill in water front bars and fishing pier. There is a beach call Second Light away from building. It will be a nice place in Cocoa beach with sandbanks, along with sea oats and you can enjoy beach with surfing as well.

Thoughts From FOLIGOS

These are the wonderful clear beaches in Florida with clear water . You can enjoy your vacation in beach front with numerous beach activities, experiencing nice foods and views.

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