Florida has bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, miles off the white sand coast. But with so many destinations in Florida, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best places to visit in Florida for your next trip. In this article, we are going to state the best places to visit in Florida. These places enable with perfect attraction, accommodation, destinations.

Florida is famous for its Art Deco architecture, Cuban culture and beaches, Miami and its neighboring. There are plenty of places to visit in Florida, with your family, or else alone.

You can visit there for more beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling and the most beautiful road trips ever possible, thanks to the work of engineering on the foreign highway.

Best Time To Visit Florida

If you are searching places to visit in Florida, you must consider about the best time to visit Florida. The best time of year to go to Florida is spring or fall. Many people look forward to a flight to the sunny beach during the winter school holidays and the spring and Easter holidays. And you will experience the best that the government can offer while traveling during these peak hours. In addition to dramatically reducing the risk of hot weather, low humidity and hurricanes, you will encounter a slender crowd at amusement parks and more affordable accommodation.

Those heading north of Florida will want to visit in the summer. At this point, the weather is reliably warm and you will not that exposed to the cold temperatures of winter. This is a good time to visit white sand beaches in places like Panama City Beach.

The Best Places To Visit In Florida

1. Miami

places to visit in Florida
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This is one of the most picturesque cities in the United States, Miami is the best known for its Latin culture and nightlife. Miami has located in southeastern Florida off the coast of the Atlantic. This is a major port city that manages the world’s largest passenger fleet.

One of Miami’s major attractions is the sunny beach that stretches from family get-togethers to party scenes. Miami Beach is located across the Gulf of the Barrier Islands from Miami. It is famous for its Art Deco architecture and attractive south coast.

South Beach is one of Miami’s eye catching beaches, with its Art Deco district and waterfront outdoor restaurants. This is one of the best places to visit in Florida since there are entertainment activities and much more to do. It is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Florida.

Flaggler Street in downtown Miami has many historic attractions, and the Brickell neighborhood and planning district has a number of upscale shops and gourmet restaurants. Caribbean influences has found in the living ethnic neighborhoods of Little Haiti and Little Havana in Miami, while the Overtown neighborhood is famous for its African-American history and hearty soul food.

2. Orlando

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It is the theme park city with more theme parks than anywhere else in the world. There are Walt Disney World, Epcot Center, Universal Studios, Sever World and Gator Park. With a population of 2 million, this central city of Florida receives 51 million visitors a year.

This Sunbelt city is less prone to hurricanes than other parts of the state, making it a popular destination to visit in Florida. Orlando, one of the most visited cities in the United States, is home to the University of Central Florida, which is the second largest college in the United States.

3. Clearwater Beach

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Clearwater Beach, which boasts miles of white sandy beaches, it has separated from the city of Clearwater by an introcostal waterway. USA Today foot readers named Cain as Florida’s Best Beach Town in 2013. In addition to soaking in the white sand and swimming in the clear water, there are many activities such as fishing, sailing, kayaking and dolphin tours. Many people get married on the beach here.

Popular among visitors are the Pier 60, a long gym, a playground, a snack bar and daytime entertainment. From this place you can buy crafts from local artisans at night time.

Take a walk along the Beach Walk, where you will find drinking fountains and showers to wash the sand. If you’re alive at sunset, there’s a live night view of Clearwater Beach.

4. Key West

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Key historic Key West in the Great Southern Hemisphere has a clear island feel with old architecture and a slow pace.

Key west  has located led to a rich cultural mix that includes influences from many Caribbean islands. And it is bringing a light-hearted attitude, interesting architecture and culinary diversity to the region. Key West is a popular shipping port.

Duel Street is a major tourist destination with shops, souvenir shops, restaurants and even some historic houses. One of the city’s top attractions includes a shipwreck museum that details the area’s long-term survival history and the Key West Aquarium. Those interested in marine ecology will want to visit the seven-arid Dot Togas National Park.

While the Florida Keys are not well known for their beaches, there are a number of beaches in Key West. These are a good break from watching the scenes.

The casual atmosphere of the Key West and the fact that it is a small town that can do a lot makes it a good destination for solo travelers. It is also easy to move around, people friendly. It is the best place in the US for people traveling alone.

5. Trump

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The city of Trump enters the west coast of Florida across the Gulf from St. Petersburg. Trump is especially popular with families and comes to enjoy many of its wildlife attractions. Bush Park is one of the most popular, massive amusement parks and there are endless things to see and do with a zoo.

Animal lovers can visit the Trump Zoo in Lori Park and the Trump Aquarium and the Common Mane Viewing Center. Tourists can rescue the Big Cat, a sanctuary for abused and abandoned cats, including lions, wolves, pigs, jaguars and many more.

Focusing on learning through the family creative game with young children, Glazer will love the Children’s Museum. It is the place where the whole family will enjoy the Science and Industry Museum. Further you can explore  the world of technology with exhibits. More than life in the IMAX Theater.

Trump’s Ybor is one of the most historic areas in the city, the center of the city’s Latin American community, and a meal at the famous Columbia restaurant.

6. Naples, Florida

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It got its name because the bay where it has located consider as more beautiful than the Gulf of Naples in Italy. In addition to its beautiful city beaches, nearby wildlife refugees make it a popular tourist destination.

These include Everglades National Park, Florida National Wildlife Sanctuary, and Cox’s Bazar Swamp Sanctuary. The city also has a number of fine arts and shopping districts.

Thoughts From FOLIGOS

Florida the state of sunshine has lot more places than the others. Most of them will leave an unforgettable experience on your journey.

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