Florida is a beautiful and gorgeous state located in the southeastern region of the United States of America. Florida has given shelter to over 21 million of the world’s population and can be described as the third most populous state among the 50 states of the USA. The state is covered by the Gulf of Mexico from the west, Alabama from the Northwest, Georgia from the North, the Atlantic Ocean from the east, and the Straits of Florida from the south. Well, this is how this magical piece of nature is created.

Due to Florida’s extraordinary and bewitching geographical locations, Florida has become home to a large number of gorgeous beaches that are perfect for visiting and traveling. With these beaches, Florida has provided its tourists so many options for traveling and spending their vacations.

Clear water beaches in Florida
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Many people travel to Florida in order to visit World Class Theme Parks and other famous tourist destinations such as popular Florida Cities. However, it is also a great idea to plan on a little beach time during your vacation on Clear water beaches in Florida.

Among these beautiful beaches and beach towns, picking up the most perfect and ecstatic Beach is quite impossible. Since they offer a variety of benefits, it differs from one Beach to another. Anyway, according to my today’s plan, I’m going to make you known some of my favorite clear water beaches in Florida. Then, let’s get started.

1. Clear Water Beach

According to my list, the most perfect and one of the best beaches for kids and families is Clear Water Beach, located in Tampa, Florida. Hope you got the idea how it looks like, straight away from its name. If you are visiting Florida soon and willing to take a step on the Clear Water Beach, we’ve got you covered!

This public Beach is open 24/7/365 of the year, and it is always staffed with lifeguards. Paid parking is available near the Beach, where you can park your vehicle near somewhere you can see.

Clear Water Beach is a fun bay area, definitely worth exploring and spending time with. Well, let’s start with the most popular attractions in Clear Water and the most epic beach activities you can do in Clear Water Beach.

Clear Water Beach is covered from sugar white sand and covers a long and wide area. The water there is crystal clear and pretty shallow, which really good for the kids to enjoy sea water. You can just walk along the Pier, enjoying the amazing view of this Clear Water Beach. Besides, you will be able to watch Dolphins Jumping.

There are many Bars and Ice-Cream Parlors to afford you a refreshing break after a sunbath. Tons of beach tents and umbrellas are there where you can rent them to get you some shelter.

Well, finally, Clear Water Beach is the best spot to catch the Sunset. Most of the people head there every evening to enjoy this most epic sunset celebration. Make sure to visit early so that you will be able to score a perfect spot to enjoy this stunning moment.

2. Cocoa Beach

The Cocoa- Colored soft sand and the warm ocean with some tropical sunshine and the clear water are the main reasons to name this Beach as the name it is, Cocoa Beach. Cocoa Beach is also can be known as one of the most popular among Clear water beaches in Florida. With over 72 miles of shoreline, Cocoa Beach has plenty of space for everyone to do any beach activity. Luckily for people and especially kids who are afraid of big sea waves, the waves here, which are closer to the shore, are gentle. This is the best spot to build sand castles, body boarding, and other kid stuff.

The middle of the day is the perfect time to visit Cocoa Beach, where the waves bring in lots of shells and sea creatures (small ones) to the Beach. You have ample open space to Sunbathe, watch Dolphins frolicking, and relax under the bay sun. There are lifeguards on duty all the time, paying attention to each and every person on the Beach.

In addition, you can try out your skills at Surfing, Kite Surfing, and Paddle Boarding using renting equipment Cocoa Beach offers. 

The Cocoa Beach Pier offers you Bars, Shopping Centers, and Restaurants to refresh yourselves. The most amazing thing among all in this Cocoa Beach Pier is the fantastic Panoramic Views.

3. Anna Maria Public Beach

Anna Maria Island is situated about 50 miles south of Tampa on the west coast of Florida. Tampa to Anna Maria will take around one hour. The beaches are the main reason most of the people visit Anna Maria Island. Anna Maria Island is covered with unspoiled, White- sand beaches and calm and clear waters, making people feel fresh and sound at the second they meet this place.

Holmes Beach in Anna Maria Island can be introduced as the central Beach, which is made up of Anna Maria Public Beach and Manatee Public Beach. Both beaches facilitate you with restrooms, playgrounds for kids, water sports and beach activities, areas to go on picnics, and restaurants to be refreshed.

I think one of the best beaches to peacefully watch the Sunset is Anna Maria Beach among other Clear water beaches in Florida. Many visitors drive long hours to watch this absolutely stunning Sunset in the evenings.

4. Siesta Key Beach

With the reputation of having the name as ‘one of the best clear water beaches in Florida,’ Siesta Key can be introduced as a tropical paradise for beach lovers. Siesta Key is a barrier island which is located on the Southwest Coast of Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico. Siesta Key features three main beaches: Siesta Key Beach, Crescent Beach, and Turtle Beach. Even though these three beaches are unique in their own way and differ from each other, all of them offer the same image of aqua colored crystal clear water and pure sand with a magnificent white. The best time to arrive at the beaches is most probably early in the morning.

Siesta Key Beach is also known as Siesta Beach. This is the most famous Beach in Siesta Key. The sugary white sand found in the Beach leads the visitors to visit the beach year after year. Siesta Key Public Beach offers full line-up amenities, including first aid centers, full day lifeguards, public parking lot, snack bars and gift shops, picnic areas, and many more.

6. Crescent Beach

If you are looking for a place to be quieter and enjoy the sound of silence, Crescent Beach is the most suitable place to be at. Crescent Beach is the most private, non-private Beach in Siesta Key. This Beach has got its name because of its natural shape on the coastline. Visitors are always allowed to relax on the Beach and participate in various kinds of water sports such as swimming, boating, and boogie boarding.

7. Turtle Beach

This piece of nature is known for the large amount of sea turtles that nest on the shore. I think you might have now got the idea why this Beach is named Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach is a quiet and calm place to spend your time. The water is just as clean and clear, and when heading for a few miles north, you will feel the sand becoming a bit coarser than the powdery sand you experienced in Crescent and Siesta Key beaches. Besides, Turtle Beach is one of the quietest and calm Clear water beaches in Florida. Yet, make sure that there are no lifeguards on duty at this Turtle beach, so you better be careful.

Thoughts From FOLIGOS

When it comes to Florida beaches, it is just a simple enough formula: Sun + warmth + Clear Water = Countless fabulous beaches. Clear water beaches in Florida cannot be differentiate but let me categorize them in to some; Family beaches, Four-legged-friendly beaches, Catch-a-wave beaches, Secluded beaches, and Sporty beaches. Well, I think I have made you know some stuff about the beaches in Florida but unluckily, not every Beach. So, why don’t you explore some more, pack your bags, visit Florida and kick off your flip-flops and sunbathe on these amazing beaches? Try it when young!

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