In Florida, the popularity of camping led to innovations. Camping in Florida is a famous activity among visitors. There are Opa-locka, Hyalia and Miami Springs and invented the recreational vehicle (RV) for camping in Everglades. Entrepreneurs opened state-of-the-art trailer parks and provided peaceful sanctuaries in government park camps.

A century later, smooth motors have replaced the Home Model Tea, but today those who camp are still the kind souls of those tin can tourists. Like their encamped ancestors, adventurers today are looking for places where natural beauty. And also outdoor recreation can relax at the fast pace of life when you are planning camping in Florida.

The full scope of camping opportunities in Florida has revealed. You can put up a tent of keys, go to a cabin near the Gulf of Mexico. And stare at the sky over the Kissimi Prairie Reserve, Florida’s first place and the only state park certified by the International Dark-Sky Association.

For cleaners, there are places to join primary camps; For Divas, there is a high level of gleaming.

You will find state forests and wildlife refuges whose forests and deserts have not changed over thousands of years, and overnight sleepy parties at wildlife sanctuaries.

In the large cypress reserve of the Seminole Nation, the traditional chicken coops have been altered with a beautiful swamp for your comfort. But the lack of plumbing and electricity adds a rough line to it.

Camping in Florida in some places is a time capsule. Just as you can climb into the beauty of a natural spring for thousands of years. You can also travel to the rhythmic sound of the ocean.

New Camping Places in Florida

Camping in Florida
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Out of magical destinations in Florida. Are you looking for a hidden place to camp? Here you can select one of them.

1. Collier Seminole State Park, F.L.

If you are planning to go there, making reservations from November to March are highly recommended.

Camping from June to September may be a problem since you may suffer from insect bites and afternoon showers. And mountaineering and mountain biking routes are flooded from June to November. A saltwater fishing license can get at bait and tackle shops and is required for Backwater River fishing.

2. Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Florida

You can visit through nearly 11,500 acres in Jonathan Dickinson State Park. The park offers outdoor enthusiasts a variety of opportunities including canoeing, mountaineering, and excursions, cycling, camping and studying nature. The Loxahatchi River, Florida’s first federally named “wild and scenic river,” runs through the park under a canopy of cypress trees. The campground is open 365 days a year from 8 am until sunset and it can book up to 11 months in advance.

3. Highlands Hammock State Park in Florida

Highlands Hammock State Park is a 9251-acre park that opened to the public in 1931. This park still preserves a scenic virgin hardwood forest. The sharp-eyed wildlife observer can see white deer and avocados almost every day. The park offers 9 separate nature trails to explore different areas.

The Best Camping in Florida

1. Cayo Costa State Park, Florida

 Cayo Costa (“Key to the Coast”) is one of the largest undeveloped barrier islands in Florida. This place located twelve miles west of Cape Coral in Lee County and it is part of the Charlotte Harbour and Pine Island Barrier Islands chain that provides sound protection. The island contains unique tropical vegetation that looks like the first Europeans arrived about 500 years ago.

2. Fort Clinch State Park, Florida

Camping locations have booked throughout the year in this park. People make reservations make up to 11 months in advance because it is one of the best camping sites in Florida. The park is open daily from 8.00 am until sunset. The Gift Shop and Museum is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The garden gates are close to sunset. If you intend to arrive late, please contact the park before 5 pm on the day of your arrival. This park enables Clinch Beach and River Camp Sites. And also there are water, electricity and dumpsites.

3. Joining Government Parks Camp in Florida

Sunshine County has 175 government parks, trails and sites spread over 800,000 acres across 67 states. There are over 7,500 camps and RV sites. Florida State Parks has 100 miles of coastline, 2,000 miles of trails, and receives about 32 million visitors annually. Better yet, there are dozens of park RV campsites ranging from keys

Florida State Park Camping Sites

1. Alafia river state park

This locates at an old mining site about 45 miles southeast of Tampa. Alfie River State Park considered as one of the best site for camping in Florida. Alfie River State Park makes some of the most elevated changes in Florida. This is unique to a state with a relatively flat landscape, the park offers 25 miles of mountain biking trails and an adventurous RV. The park offers more than 20 miles of outdoor activities, including fishing, horseback riding, bird watching, paddling and mountaineering.

The park has 30 RV bases that can accommodate up to 55 feet of pickup bases, trailers and motor homes. Each includes a 20/30/50-amp electric and water hook-up, a picnic table and a fire ring. RVers can book a camp site 11 months in advance.

2. John Pen camp Coral Reef State Park

The country’s first underground state park with RV camp sites can only found in Florida. With more than 70 square miles of coral reefs beyond Key Largo, this state park offers a one-of-a-kind experience. You  can go snooker or scuba diving to explore the park’s lush coral reef ecosystem. The park also offers glass bottoms and wheelchair accessible boat trips. There are two beaches, Cannon Beach and Far Beach Park.

RV camp sites are available for motor homes up to 50 feet in length and include water and power hooks.

3. Grayton Beach State Park

People  who come to Grayton Beach State Park, which has often rated as one of the most beautiful and ancient beaches in the United States, will find it hard not to agree. This has situated on the Gulf Coast east of Destin in the FL, this state park has 2,000 acres of lake and ocean frontal activities. You can walk 4.5 miles, through the backwaters of West Lake, swim in the Gulf of Mexico, or explore a variety of species, including Florida black bears.

If you would like to join an RV beach camp, make sure to book one of the 49 available RV sites. Among the permitted power and water hook facility facilities on the site for pets.

Thoughts From FOLIGOS

Camping is a one of the most popular activity among the visitors. There are many amazing sites travelers must visit. If you could allocate a small amount of time for that you will never regret on the amazing exprience.

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